The Music

Dr. Miller managed all these artist on this website when he was in his 20's. This music has never been released. He will see who was right, the record labels or him. You be the judge about the music.

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Wayne & Jeanne West

Wayne West began his life in music in 1957 at the age of 10, listening to Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson and learning how to play rock guitar by learning songs by the instrumental group, The Ventures. He started playing with bands in the Charleston, South Carolina area by the age of 13 at Teen Clubs and Air Force and Navy Basses and Clubs. He opened concerts for Dionne Warwick, The Jackson 5, Little Richard, Sly & the Family Stone, Vanilla Fudge and Rare Earth. Jeanne (Lavoie) West began performing at the tender age of 11. She grew up listening to the music of the '40's and 50's that her dad used to sing to her and instilled in her heart. In her early teen years, she began performing on a regular basis with her brother, Jimmy, in his band, The Silvertones, later The Paragons at Teen Clubs and Navy Base Clubs.

Bob Crider

Bob “Wolfman” Crider was a singer and guitarist who performed throughout the region for around half a century. Wolfman’s fans watched him play and sing in any number of styles and venues over the years, but he was best known for his prowess as classic rocker. At 16, he had his own band. He battled cancer for a number of years, and passed away May 2012 at the age of 67. Dr. Miller managed him for years.

Kim Spears

Kim Spears was a writer and singer. He was in the process of being signed with a major record label. He passed away a few days before signing a record deal.

Bob Crider & James (Poley) Stanfill

James (Poley) Stanfill was a great bass player. Dr. Miller said he had the best base voice he had ever heard. He passed away in April, 2016 at the age of 69.

Carl Miller

Carl Miller is Dr. Miller’s father that was a great singer and writer. He was inducted to the Rock A Billy Hall of Fame.

Danny Crossno

Danny Crossno was a song writer and singer. Dr. Miller and he wrote songs together. He passed away in October 2011 at the age of 69 before making it into the music business.

Randy Lovelace

Randy Lovelace is a good friend of Dr. Miller’s. He is a songwriter, singer and a great guitar player. He still performs today.

About Dr. Bill Miller

Dr. Bill Miller earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Lambuth University in Jackson, TN. He also has a Ph.D in Nutritional Science. Dr. Miller played professional baseball for the Houston Astros and the Detroit Tigers. He coached high school sports as well as taught Health. He owned and operated the largest Health and Wellness Center in Jackson, TN with several locations. He has operated his Health and Wellness Clinic for over 30 years.